“I'm the the numbers guy. Been reviewing online bettings sites from the punter's perspective since 2009. Bookmakers should keep it simple, give us better odds because that's what matters in the long term.” - Andy Craswell
Andy Craswell

Betting Sites with Best Odds 2019

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1. William Hill 9.5/10

William Hill was my top pick last year and its my top pick this year. Among high street bookmakers their odds on big matches are rarely beaten. In play betting is also superb and they offer generous cash out if you see your bet going south. Their parlay betting is their weak spot but that's not saying much at it still at a very high level and you can get big multipliers of you stack your bonuses right. Bonuses are the best in the business and if you are a new customer go with this bookmaker. Key takeaway: great odds on big matches and good for newbies.

2. Unibet 9.1/10

Unibet is one of the oldest online bookmakers around having started in 1999. Having been around for such a long time they have the most markets out of any of the top the bookmakers. Their odds on smaller matches are great and when I want to be cheeky this is the bookmaker I use. While not related to odds their live streaming services is a huge plus, offering a huge range of sports! Their parlay betting is top tier and the option to boost your odds is almost always available. If you like putting together the perfect Acca I'd say go with Unibet. Key takeaway: Best odds on smaller markets and best largest selection of markets.

3. Bet365 8.9/10

If live betting is what you want to do Bet365 is the way to go. Bet365 offers the widest range of in-play odds of any online betting site. When I'm at the pub watching the game their live betting is always open on my phone as they have the largest number of types on odds on single matches their is. Their live odds are also more responsive than any other bookmaker I have seen. Parlay betting is also at a good level and they often offer boosted odds for these. Key takeaway: best live betting odds.

4. BWin 8.5/10

BWin is an old favorite of mine and has almost always featured on these lists because of their amazing parlay betting odds. If putting together mega Accas is your thing than BWin is they place to go as they offer multiple free parlay bonuses. Sometimes when I want to experience the thrill of maybe making a year salary in one day I pull up BWin and boost my odds until I get above 100x. BWins amazing parlay support pairs well with their amazing live streaming service where you can watch matches in parallel. Key takeaway: amazing odds on parlay betting.

5. BetHard 8.2/10

BetHard is a newcomer on this list having only now been review in full and I have to say I like what I see! Their mobile app is the best I have used yet and really wish others would follow their lead. BetHard covers a large range of markets and have live betting on almost all of them. Their parlay odds are also first class and they offer acca insurance which is uncommon for a bookmaker which so many bet types. The thing that stands out for BetHard is their bonuses which they have A LOT of, so if you are hunting for great odds bonuses this is bookmaker for you. Key takeaway: Many Bonuses and mobile experience.

How do sports betting odds work?

There are many affiliated sites which offer sports betting odds. Every casino game has odds, and the player achieves success only when he uses those odds and defeats his opponent. If the player is new to the sports betting odds section and don't know anything about it, then stay tuned on our page to gather some relevant information that will work best for you.

Many players in the gambling industry find it difficult to read, understand and calculate the sports betting odds. Unlike new casino sites, all new sports betting sites works with a lot of hard data. Hence below is a small introduction which will let you know how these betting odds work.

There are two ways of sports betting odds- first, the American Style Odds that is widely accepted in Northern America and the second is Decimal Style Odds used by Europe Players to play games of Football, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Horse Racing etc.

Important Things About Sports Betting Odds:

American Odds is the most common type of sports betting odds that are used by USA players. Although it is a bit confusing for beginners to read and understand the best odds while playing the game of a sportsbook here is an example of NFL (National Football League) Football games to make it simple. Any game needs two players, and so sportsbook required two teams to take action.

Suppose Team A has +120 and Team B has -140. Then those numbers which are present in front of these teams denote the odds. Hence American Odds are shown with two components the first one either with + or - sign and the second one with the number following that sign.

While betting on a sportsbook football game the Team A with a +ve sign would pay out more than the wagered amount and the second Team B with -ve sign indicates that it will pay out less than the wagered amount. So monitor what amount the player needs to pay to continue the game.

Every player when deposits $100 to bet on football game then they get 10% special deposit bonus which means $10 gets credited into their account instantly that is absolutely free! Likewise, if the player deposits $500, then they get $ free.

To be more clear if you got-ve sign for the team as -140 then it means that you need to bet with $140 in order to win $100 and if you get +ve sign for the team as +120 then it says that you need to gamble with $100 to get $120 which is the outcome you are profited with.

Always choose an affiliated sportsbook after gaining knowledge on betting odds as you are putting your own money to gamble online and need to win the game to profit. Try to figure out how much you need to bet and what payouts you would get after winning the game.